Advice For An Evolved Mindset – Aaron Anastasi


Advice For An Evolved Mindset – Aaron Anastasi

How long have you been working on your dreams? If you’ve experienced several times where you felt like you’re not good enough, then listen in to this episode to help you figure out what else you may need to get another step closer to your dream finally.

Aaron Anastasi has been coaching clients in industry-leading roles, ranging from film directors to Grammy Award-winning record producers to Netflix and Google executives to TED talk speakers. He is also an actor, an author, and an entrepreneur with an internationally recognized, Superior Singing Method online singing lesson program, that grosses high seven figures annually.

Things Mentioned

3 Key Points

  • Focus on what the other person would get out of it. Help them genuinely and with complete focus.
  • There are voices that are constantly holding us back. We don’t even realize that we have those voices in our heads. We just think that it’s the reality.
  • Seeing the opportunities in front of us takes time to learn, just like any muscle power we have. Get a coach that could help you break through those voices that hold you back.

Cliff notes

I love to inspire other people to reach their dreams while I’m doing the same.

On acting: If you don’t love it more than anything, there’s no reason you should be doing it.

I started putting in 30-40 hours a week for acting. I’m going to build this business just like how I build the other businesses in my life.

Focus on the end-user.

I always think about “how could I serve this person?” I’m going to use every faculty, every resource, every quote, every piece of information, every listening skill I’ve ever learned in my life to serve this person powerfully and help them get what they really want deep down.

All those voices are constantly holding us back. We don’t even realize that we have voices in our heads. We just think that it’s the reality.

The voices are actually deeper. They become beliefs about ourselves. 

It is easier, faster, and more efficient when you have a coach. Even if I coach other people, I also have a coach.

It’s just like an athlete. Can an athlete be good just by reading books and watching videos? Absolutely. But when the athlete has a coach, a change could happen faster.

When we believe it’s not possible, the options in front of us shut down. But when we’re in a good state and mindset, our mind suddenly sees all the opportunities and possibilities.

I want to make sure that what I’m doing are the things that matter.

I do believe we create our voice.

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