How To Get Featured In Forbes, Inc. & Entrepreneur


How To Get Featured In Forbes, Inc. & Entrepreneur

Getting into Global press can transform any business overnight bringing in floods of new customers.

In this episode I’m joined by Andrew O’Brien of to break down his proven formula of getting clients into these publications.

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3 Key Points

  1. Traditional Press Releases are Dead
  2. Building relationships is Key to getting the attention of journalists
  3. To make money from PR you must combine it with direct response marketing

Cliff Notes

Treat PR like direct response marketing or sales. Journalists like prospective clients. Find out about what’s important to them before you go in for the kill.

You don’t have to have a lot of money or a huge social following to get featured in big publications. It’s all about the story.
Transparency is key. Journalists love hearing about the humanity in your story.

The most important thing to the journalist is the story. They’ll figure out the attention grabbing headline to get people to read.

In depth research into the journalist is key to Andrew’s method. Acknowledging journalist’s accomplishments will grab their attention and build the relationship better than just shouting about yourself or your product.

Don’t discredit the small-time publishers. Bigger publishers often look to smaller blogs and news sources to find their stories and it can be a good long term credibility builder.

There are three types of stories the media looks for: Controversial, Informative or Innovative. If you can combine all three into one story, you’ll knock it out the park.

Don’t be afraid of being controversial. The media makes money on controversy.

Combining PR with direct response marketing is the key to monopolising on good PR. Andrew’s link shortening service allows you to track and re-target people who visited the press piece with offers and sales pages (Genius!)

Aim to get an interview. It’s against the rules for journalists to re-purpose your own written content.

People buy from people they know, like and trust. The best angle for your PR sells you as an expert or authority. Don’t be afraid to be the face of your brand.

Traditional press releases are generally deleted on receipt.
It should take you at least 20-30 minutes to create a single, effective pitch. But the time investment could potentially get you in front of 100mm readers – it’s worth it!

Andrew started out with a shaky video shot in a dim lit kitchen in his apartment – this got him on Fox News and The Austin American Statesman and snowballed from there. Simply having skin in the game puts you head and shoulders ahead of the rest!

The ‘humble brag’ and the ‘ask’ of your pitch should always be the same, but the leading content needs to be bespoke to each journalist and thoroughly researched.

Andrew sends physical, promotional boxes to journalists with video greeting cards to journalists to capture journalists attentions.

To stand out today all you have to do is go one step further than everyone else. Today, most people are lazy – that’s your advantage!

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