How Group Sales Can Unlock Huge Profits – Rylee Meek


How Group Sales Can Unlock Huge Profits – Rylee Meek

There are a lot of factors to consider to become successful in selling. Identifying these would greatly help in getting your prospects whether you engage with in-person events or online webinars.

Rylee Meek, the Founder and CEO of Social Dynamic Selling, has created a system where any salesperson could successfully achieve revenue goals. He shares in this episode some tips and tricks that business owners and salespeople from different industries can use to be more effective in turning leads into sales.

Things Mentioned

3 Key Points

  • Nobody likes to be sold something, but everyone likes to buy.
  • Every buying decision is emotional, but it has to make sense. Highlighting the benefits of the benefits will significantly help in getting them to take action.
  • Direct mail can attract quick decision-makers.

Cliff notes

We specialize in filling a room with our client’s ideal prospects. We identify who their true client avatar is, who buys their product. We identify how they respond, what type of marketing or media we need to use to get them to respond to the event and show up.

We can handle everything from getting everybody there up to delivering the presentation.

Most of our clients own up to that process. We teach them and coach them how to deliver a presentation, taking people on an emotional journey.

People are usually motivated by the opportunity to gain or by the fear of loss.

Nobody likes to be sold something, but everybody likes to buy.

Today’s people are smart—the old sales tactics and techniques of the 80s and 90s don’t work anymore.

It’s still an emotional decision. Every buying decision is emotional, but it has to make sense. Otherwise, they’re feeling like they’re being sold or pressured into something like a discount when they know the discount is still available on a later date.

For the last decade, it was all about selling it live, in-person events.  We book venues in restaurants with private rooms.

We had over 300 events to cancel during the second week of March when the pandemic lockdown happened.

People learn and receive information differently.

They could learn faster through Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic learning styles.

We teach our clients to thoroughly receive information from their audience and understand what they’re saying. This is going to allow them to adjust the way they speak to their audience.

Get your audience to engage with you during webinars, or else they’ll zone off.

A lot of people think direct mail is such an archaic way of advertising. People who respond to direct mail are quick thinkers. Most people check their mail right over the garbage can, so you have to catch their attention right away. There’s a quick call to action; they call and register right away.

I’m naturally attracting the person that makes decisions.

We use a 2-step approach that we’ve mastered. We create a sense of urgency to sit down with you the next day to present and discuss further to see if it is a right fit. 

We get further down into the subconscious. We get into the benefits of the benefits. That’s how we get people emotionally into this journey and where it becomes a no-brainer to take action.

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