How Solo Ads Can Provide Endless, Qualified Traffic, with Marcus Svedin


How Solo Ads Can Provide Endless, Qualified Traffic, with Marcus Svedin

How Solo Ads Can Provide Endless, Qualified Traffic, with Marcus Svedin

Solo ads are a very powerful way to get traffic, reach your niche market and convert them into buying customers. What are solo ads and how do you go about purchasing and using it to elevate your email marketing?

In this episode, we have an interesting conversation with the leading guy on solo ads, Marcus Svedin of Guardian Marketing. He is going to share strategies and tips on how to effectively use it to get traffic and sales into your business.

3 Key Points

  1. You need to build a relationship with your target market before making a sale. People buy from people they know and trust.
  2. Research about your solo ad vendors. Recycled traffic is commonly sold out there so make sure you buy quality and “clean” traffic that will make a return on your investment.
  3. Running solo ads versus doing it yourself is cheaper, easier, faster, and less stressful for you. But always remember that with internet marketing, money doesn’t come instantly. You will need to spend money to try and test which works best for you.

Things Mentioned

Cliff notes

Solo ads are packaged list emailing. A solo ads vendor, like Marcus, owns a large list based on a niche or topic. The client, who has a product in that topic or niche gives links and ad copies to the vendor. The vendor then emails it to his list who click the link and that’s how the client gets traffic.

Marcus makes it a point to be customer-focused in order to get great results. He sets himself apart, provides quality traffic, and goes the extra mile in customer service.

90% of email users are on Gmail. Make sure you’re not going to spam in Gmail, otherwise your click-through rates are going to be trashed.

Give your clients the best possible chances of getting a sale by optimizing their opt-in page.

Email marketing will be here for the long haul. As long as there is internet, there will be email marketing.

To stand out in email marketing, you need to build a relationship before asking for a sale. Ryan Deiss talks about having an indoctrination series to get your audience to like who you are and, at the same time, having a follow-up series for the products you are marketing.

Solo ads are not for every single industry or niche. These work best for the spaces of health and well being, make money online, and e-commerce.

Be careful of where you buy your leads. There are solo ad vendors who just recycle their leads from other solo ad vendors. Do your research and make sure you are buying clean traffic.

Marcus is 100% transparent on how he gets his leads from. The 2 main ways he builds his list are (1) investing in media buys and (2) Bing traffic. This provides quality leads for his clients with 60-65% opt-in rates and 30-40% open rates.

The benefits of solo ads versus doing the opt-ins yourself: (1) it is cheaper than running ads on facebook or google, (2) it’s quicker, (3) less stressful because you don’t have to deal with the ads yourself, (4) you never know how much you earn from pay per click.

There’s nothing more effective in marketing than a trusted recommendation.

When you buy solo ads, look for testimonials, sales, and a good reputation. Don’t buy traffic from someone who approaches you. Do your own research. Test and try different vendors. Spend money on testing to see who performs better.

With internet marketing, you’re not going to make money straight out the door. You will have to spend a bit of money on testing and trialing which takes time.

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