How To Build A Real Estate Empire By Leveraging Human Connection – Ricky Carruth


How To Build A Real Estate Empire By Leveraging Human Connection – Ricky Carruth

Most real estate agents build their business on transactions instead of relationships. This is why when a market crash happens. Agents tend to give up because of personal financial responsibilities they have to take care of. 

Ricky Carruth has been in the real estate business for 18 years. He is also an author, speaker, and coach through his company, Zero to Diamond. They aim to reduce the real estate industry’s failure rate by helping agents get out of the business’s transactional view.

3 Key Points

  1. There shouldn’t be any difference in how you treat your business relationships and outside of your business.
  2. Everyone starts with nothing. Nobody expects you to know everything. Don’t let your fear get ahead of you in being successful.
  3. Be committed to doing the business. 87% of real estate agents fail in their first year. Keep moving through those actions to reach your goal and be where you want to be.

Things Mentioned

Cliff notes

Getting a deal done is what most sales training focuses on. What’s important is to let people know who you are, what you do, and that you’re here to help.

Utilize software to obtain contacts for a specific type of property, call them up, inform them of what you do, and ask what you can do for them. 

Don’t dive into selling them anything right away. Your goal is to get these people to know what you can do for them in the future and earn their trust to give their email address or other relevant contact details to build your brand further.

Ricky realized that he previously failed in the real estate business because of how he focused so much on closing deals and making money. At that time, he wasn’t aware of how one client could potentially provide multiple deals and make the business sustainable.

Focus on building relationships, and you’ll see how the opportunities grow from everywhere.

One of the critical factors to succeed in the real estate business is to have confidence. No one starts knowing everything right away.

If you encounter a situation where you don’t know the answer, be honest, and say you’re going to find the answer to it.

Don’t let your first loss crush you. Understand the number of losses you have to take to win. Take each loss in and analyze what you did wrong, lacked in, or can improve on so you can finally succeed.

The real estate industry is resilient. The pandemic didn’t allow human to human contact, but real estate transactions continued, properties continued to go under contract, and closed deals happened.

It’s not about the transactions you make. It’s about the relationships you can build, the number of people you can talk to, and the number of people you can reach out to continue building your brand through consistent emails.

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