How To eMail Your List And Make Sales 365 Days A Year – Rob & Kennedy


How To eMail Your List And Make Sales 365 Days A Year – Rob & Kennedy

Sending emails every day may sound like too much for some people. We’re afraid of getting marked as spam.

Our guests, Rob & Kennedy, started to build their email lists for their businesses and eventually had people come up to them for their proprietary techniques of building their email lists. They now have a program that teaches you how to send those emails every day and where people actually want to open them.

Things Mentioned

3 Key Points

  • Set expectations on what your audience will expect if they sign up on your mailing list.
  • When sending emails, send them content that matters to your audience and are relevant to their interests so that they’ll want to consume your content.
  • Don’t send emails a few times in a month and then only talk about the product you’re selling.

Cliff notes

We take those skills of being able to understand and influence people and put that into written form so that you can connect to people who are reading on a much deeper level.

One of the first things we do when anyone joins our list is that we set up the expectations for them and for us, for the rest of that relationship, for the rest of that time. We’re going to email you every day; if you don’t like that idea, scroll down and unsubscribe.

We point them around, and we get them clicking. We’re training them that there are things they can click on the emails which will get them good stuff.

We just don’t say a thing happened; we demonstrate how it happened. If we tell them there’s free training on Facebook, we guide them through the steps to click so they can go through that sequence.

We literally grew our business on its own from zero to six figures using that strategy.

“Would you like to receive a tip from us every single day about how to improve your email marketing? If you would give us your email address.” 

There are two cool things about that. One, it’s the fastest thing in the market because you don’t need to create a lead magnet for that. Secondly, they’re never going to complain whenever they receive an email from you every day.

A really interesting side effect of emailing more often is getting a good email open rate, depending on the industry, list size and many different factors.

He used our daily email strategy, and over a week, he got an 80% open rate. You actually get seen more often, and people can’t forget who you are.

Emotionally and psychologically, it’s better to email more often.

One of the first things we would do is to audit what we’ve got. We’ll look at your current list, how big is it, how engaged are they, and look at the disengaged segment.

There’s a massive percentage of people who change their email every year.

We’re not going to do what most people used to do on email marketing.

People want to consume content, so they’re going to open your email. But if the only time I email you is to tell you what I’ve got for sale, you’re only going to open that if you’re curious or if you have an intention to buy, otherwise there’s no reason to open the email.

Whereas when we show up every day and give you a tip with a piece of value in it, you got a good reason to open those emails. There’s content on the emails themselves. They’re content-driven emails.

Write down 50 or more different things that your audience cares about with none of them about your product.

They’re going to read your emails whether they’re in the buying zone or not.

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