How To Sell $3 Billion With Creative Advertising – Ron Lynch


How To Sell $3 Billion With Creative Advertising – Ron Lynch

Most of us go around chasing money. We try to figure out how to go from zero to a million dollars to be fulfilled. But with the focus on money, what is it that we’re looking for? Provision? Influence? Choices? In reality, money doesn’t provide these. Our guest today helps us realize the importance of giving value.

Ron Lynch is the Founder and Creative Director of Big Baby Agency, which has helped generate over $3 billion in sales for big brands like GoPro, Samsung, RugDoctor, Eagle One, BackJoy and a lot more. He shares in this episode a glimpse of how his process is for his clients when they consult on creating advertising campaigns.

3 Key Points

  • Focusing on providing value will give you the fulfilled life of sustaining other members of the tribe.
  • It’s not about chasing the money; it’s about providing value.
  • You have to get your audience’s attention and further lure them into listening to what you have to say. Each sentence should progress through looking at a mirror, pointing out a flaw or pride, opening them to change, and getting their buy-in to take action. 

Cliff notes

It’s not about chasing the money; it’s about providing value.

It’s not just the ad campaign. It’s teaching them how to provide the customer with such value in the ad campaign process.

I worked in a grocery store for my day job and worked my way up in the retail grocery industry until I became CEO through having good mentors in that business.

We put cooking kiosks in the store to teach the audience to eat and cook better. We moved them from eating poor food to rich food, poor quality food to better quality food, and teaching food preparation.

This led to a client asking to borrow the kitchen on the store floor to shoot an infomercial for a grill where they would shoot some man-on-the-street testimonials from there.

I quit my job in the grocery business and moved over to advertising.

Are you known, or are you unknown? Do you have a distribution network in place or not?

If you’re unknown, you need to go through the process of problem+solution, USP (unique selling point), offer, and CTA (call to action).

How can you be entertaining, educational, informative, light-hearted, sad-hearted? How can you take control of me with words and pictures? 

You have to be talking to me about me.

If you can approach your content from how they see themselves, how do you get them to look at the mirror in the first sentence?

In the second sentence, what do you want to point out? Do you point out a flaw or point out pride? Good or bad, hope or fear? What do you want them to be aware of?

The third sentence would answer what change would you like to see? Everybody wants change; everybody wants better. Evoke change in sentence number three.

In sentence number four, you address that they want that change and tell them how they can have that change.

The Harmon Brothers are excellent at the process of familiarity and storytelling. 

The more constraints you have, the more creative you must become.

That’s what we do with really good content. We share it.

You have to go through a process to learn, to become a master at something.

The nature of the world is to program you that you need more money to be fulfilled.

These people are continuously validating the acquiring of goods to appear to be something that you’re not. It’s all driven by ego. 

What we teach people is that you want to have value in the world.

Value is who provides the most. The goal is to have a fulfilled life where you are sustaining other members of the tribe. That’s the love you’re looking for.

You can’t make money by chasing money.

Lee Iacocca sold what they needed then. He was following an audience first and then tapping in with a product.

You can create a whole industry creatively on what doesn’t exist that does exist. We can come up with food, costumes, events to sell our alcohol just like that.

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