How To Set Up Your Business To Scale BIG – Chris Ronzio


How To Set Up Your Business To Scale BIG – Chris Ronzio

Have you ever wondered what big businesses do to become more efficient and consistent? Small business owners can definitely apply these techniques and eventually be able to scale, produce consistent results, delegate easily, and have a standardized process for certain aspects of their business.

Our guest, Chris Ronzio, is the Founder and CEO of Trainual, where they help modern businesses centralize their training and process management. He shares how essential business SOPs are and their effects on growth, efficiency, and higher referral rates.

Things Mentioned

3 Key Points

  • Procedures and policies that can be applied across the board should be documented. A good playbook will allow a business to onboard new hires easier, help to become profitable, and scale a business.
  • Never document something before you’re doing it consistently.
  • When you narrow down the services that your business offers, it allows you to become more efficient and produce consistent results.

Cliff notes

I saw that every business is trying to refine its secret sauce. What makes them unique, how do you onboard the new people you hire, how do you consistently update your best practices so that you’re more profitable, and how do you scale a business? It all comes down to having a good playbook.

There should be a system where all of this is captured and collected so that your business has one place for your business to look up what they need to know.

A small business doesn’t have a playbook right now because it’s too hard to create, it takes too much time, they don’t have the expertise and the bandwidth.

Whenever we’re layering in things to make it difficult, we get rid of processes and policies as often as we create them.

You would never document something before you’re doing it consistently.

Stripping down the services you do in a business is essential.

Every time we got more narrow, we got better at our workflow. 

We got more efficient in doing things the same way. It also allowed us to get more easily referred to because every event in that sport wanted the best company.

When the process is standardized, it becomes easier for a business and customers also know what they’re going to get.

Any business should run as if you want to franchise.

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