How To Start a 7 Figure Fitness Business – Jeff Sherman


How To Start a 7 Figure Fitness Business – Jeff Sherman

Growing and scaling your business isn’t a walk in the park. But if you know the goals you need to achieve and the process to take you there – everything will eventually work out for you. Have you mapped out the steps you need to take to get to your goals?

I’ve invited Jeff Sherman, a highly sought after speaker and consultant on the topic of fitness and business development, to talk about how to grow your business by hiring the right people, getting clients and increasing sales.

3 Key Points

  • Hire team members who are self-starters and self-motivated. Find people who are the right fit for your business culture. 
  • Get your audience to know, like and trust you by offering valuable content for free. The sales will follow once you’ve established yourself and your business to them.
  • Define your vision and process goals. A vision without a process of attaining it is just like a dream.

Things Mentioned

Cliff notes

Discipline is going to get you pretty far. Learn structure, discipline and work at it.

Ask for help if you need it. One thing that will slow you down more than anything is if you try to do everything on your own.

Prioritize motivating your team and giving them permission to do their best. Hire people much smarter and better than you are.

If you hire self-starters and self-motivated people who are the right fit for your business culture, they’re going to work 10 times harder for you.

When I was growing my offline fitness business, I joined an online fitness mastermind. By learning all the internet marketing skills, it took my offline business to the next level. People started asking me what I was doing and that’s what started me into coaching and consulting.

What’s good about the fitness industry is that everybody always wants to be healthier, stronger, fitter no matter what’s going on in the world.

People are going to resonate with you, your story, your personality, your view on the world, your view on health and fitness. 

Document what you’re doing in life rather than create content and you’re going to find people who resonate and train with you.

Define your Vision and Process Goals. A vision without a process of attaining it is just like a dream. You’re not going to get there. 

For Facebook ads, offer content and give people value upfront and for free. Get them to know, like, and trust you and resonate with you before retargeting to an offer.

Once I started learning the power of networking and affiliate marketing online I applied that affiliate model to a brick and mortar business. 

Develop a high income skill, find a mentor and learn from them, start selling affiliate products in the niche you want to have a business in. 

My first venture outside the fitness industry called is a reality gamification platform where we help authors and course owners turn their books into reality games.

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