How To Use Stories To Rocket-Fuel Your Sales – Mike Weiss


How To Use Stories To Rocket-Fuel Your Sales – Mike Weiss

Storytelling has been a part of the oldest cultures where the elderly use this method to educate the younger generations and help these listeners identify themselves through those stories. How does one utilize this power of storytelling in growing a business?

In this episode, we have Mike Weiss, the Chief Community Officer of Dropified, a master of helping E-Commerce businesses grow. He’ll share hacks to increase your sales, grow your market, and develop an excellent source of creative ads to showcase your business. 

3 Key Points

  1. Make sure that you’ve figured out what your “why” is. Why did you put up your business, why do you think it’s relevant, why is it helpful to your market, etc. It’s not all about making money.
  2. There are several platforms to market your product or service. The platform you choose depends on what you’re selling.
  3. Understand who your market is, figure out how you can give value (without selling), and genuinely engage with them.

Cliff notes

Your business will have a longer client lifespan if you have a referral-based strategy. This will not only increase your client-base, but it will also give you a better product strategy.

Storytelling is a skill that all business owners should learn if they’re not good at it yet. The story behind the business should be well articulated and should be well-utilized in developing a creative ad.

People will be looking out for a reason why they should trust your business with their time, money, and relationships.

Your story will be the core foundation of why a client may start trusting you. If they see ads that simply focus on asking for their money, they aren’t likely to buy from your business.

If they can see a person with results they want to have, they are most likely to consider jumping on the wagon.

Figure out where your market hangs out. If, for example, they’re seeking support in a Facebook group, get in there, engage, and start giving value by genuinely helping them out. Once you’ve established yourself as someone knowledgeable, reach out to the moderators or group owners and propose to provide a sample for your products or service.

Ask for photos, videos, or stories from those who tried out your product. This activity will give you access to several stories that you can use for social proof.

You need stories.

You can eventually look at setting up a deal for these testers to engage them in a subscribe-and-save program and a referral strategy.

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