How To Use Your Passion To Drive An Entrepreneurial Career – Mikey Taylor


How To Use Your Passion To Drive An Entrepreneurial Career – Mikey Taylor

Achieving financial freedom and doing something you’re passionate about doesn’t always seem to go together. But it is possible. How? Get a mentor to teach you and guide you through your entrepreneurial journey.

In this episode, our guest was a professional skateboarder who was able to look at things differently when he was just 18 years old. Mikey Taylor successfully pivoted his career as an athlete, worked on his goals after his skateboarding life, and started building things as an entrepreneur. He’s going to share his story about how he built his business and how he’s paying it forward not just in the athlete community but in different industries.

3 Key Points

  1. Financial education should start in the household. Children should learn how to be financially capable and be comfortable with working on their financial freedom.
  2. Reverse engineer everything. Think about the number you want to achieve and get a mentor to guide you, especially with things you have no idea about.
  3. Educate people and empower them to become successful on their own.

Things Mentioned

Cliff notes

Sometimes we can’t help thinking about why our school system lacks or has zero financial education. Financial education is something that all individuals need to succeed and accomplish their dreams in their adult life.

Mikey worked on a plan that would get him to have a sustainable income while skateboarding every day. He successfully became a professional skateboarder but was also concerned about what life would look like after. 

He had a mentor that taught him how to be disciplined on saving and investing. Mikey also looked at how and what he could build as an entrepreneur to make more money for his investments, and ultimately, achieve financial freedom.

Mikey was able to co-found a brewing company with the help of his mentor. They utilized social media to save money from their marketing budget in 2011 when influencer marketing wasn’t well-defined yet.

Expect that in the first five years of most businesses, that it will be difficult; you may not have any profit nor build any brand awareness.

There’s a certain drive that you get when you build your business. But this fire may no longer be present when your company has a different vision.

This year’s disruption brought about by the pandemic is the perfect time for anyone to put up a business. All other companies, even the established ones in multiple industries, are shifting.

Replicate yourself and extend your knowledge to people who need help.

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