Simple Strategy To Build MASSIVE Influence Online – Avi Arya


Simple Strategy To Build MASSIVE Influence Online – Avi Arya

Avi Arya is the streetcar racer turned hotelier who then became a social media influencer. He is the founder of Internet Moguls and responsible for $100 million revenue for his clients. He uncomplicates and unravels what anyone should be focusing on to reach the level of success they want to have in their business.

3 Key Points

  • You don’t have to be disciplined every single day. You can decide to focus on one productive day.
  • Uproot yourself and surround yourself with people who can influence you positively and help you achieve your goals.
  • Connect with people by sharing your story and then understanding what you can help them with.

Cliff notes

It’s always easy to connect the dots looking back. (Steve Jobs)

When internet access was just booming, I started to ask people around the world about how I should market our hotel to foreigners from all over the world. I got so many ideas, and we eventually were able to put up one of the first-ever hospitality websites. We got astounding results that we were able to grow from one to multiple hotels.

I started speaking in various events where I shared my story, and people started asking if I could do it for them. I founded Internet Moguls in 2009 with a four-member team, which has now grown to 225 people working with more than 700 clients in 10 years. 

It’s easy to feel comfortable and not feel the urge to change your current situation.

Pick yourself up and find the motivation to grow, whether it’s for yourself or those important to you, like your family.

There are two kinds of coaches: hard-working coaches and super coaches.

A hard-working coach is excellent in his work, but not a lot of people know this. This type of coach also doesn’t have a system for getting leads and doesn’t know their monthly conversion rate.

The shortest distance between two human hearts is a story. The shortest version of a story is the hero introduction.

Research about the person you want to connect to and find something or a problem you can help them with. This could also work if you want them to be on your show or want to be a guest on their show. Send enough proposals.

I’m the laziest man on the planet but also the most hardworking people in my ecosystem. I do all my 15 videos on Fridays, which I then send to my team, who distributes them across. I look forward to Friday because I always plan what I’m going to do and where I’m going to record these videos. So I don’t need seven days of discipline but just once a week.

Don’t use your follower count to measure success but look at the number of your clients or revenue instead.

Become a business person, and the influence will come eventually.

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